The core mission of UPG is to “contribute to the world ecologically, pacing with the era timely”. The company is specialized in shaping towns and cities through cultural, indicator-based and ecologically sustainable new urbanization development. In the past 15 years, UPG has provided consultancy to 47 sustainable urban areas/industrial parks/counties/small towns covering 9,738 square kilometer area and nearly 40 million residents. Half of the above mentioned projects were international cooperation and national demonstration projects and most of the projects are of provincial and even national importance. In addition, 30% of the company’s annual turnover has been invested in the development and promotion of international and national standards.

UPG has been providing end-to-end consultancy services to various international cooperation projects for more than nine years on average, including China-Singapore Tianjin Eco-City (the first intergovernmental eco-city cooperation project), Qingdao China-German Eco-Park (the first China-European industrial park) and Beijing Future Science Park (one of the three major science parks set up by the State Council of China). The services cover the whole process of eco city development including top-level design, indicator systems, urban planning and design, green management, big data O&M, evaluation and promotion etc.

Supporting demonstration cities and parks

We helped our city andpark clients to obtain more than ten awards, including the National Low EnergyGreen Building Demonstration Area Award, the Green Ecological City Award, theGreen Development Demonstration Area Award, the Energy Conservation andEmission Reduction Demonstration City Award as well as smart city awards andothers.


Implementation is our priority

In 2011, UPG and our partners co-founded the Tianjin Eco-City Green Building Research Institute. It is the first national green review institution to carry out third party end-to-end review of indicator systems.

In 2018, the Sino-German Cooperative City Sustainable Development Institute was established in Qingdao China-German Eco-Park to support high level implementation. It successfully obtained the first DGNB district platinum certification in Asia.

Benchmarking international standardization   

On behalf of the SAC (Standardization Administration of China), UPG has convened and published international standards such as ISO 37104 and ISO/IEC 17021-8. We have also promoted ISO 37101 International Pilot City Alliance with ISO/TC268.

We closely collaborate with AFNOR (the national standardization body of France) on the promotion of cooperation between the Beijing Future Science Park and the Paris Velizy Inovel Parc on business district sustainable standardization and ISO 37108/AWI Business District Sustainable Development International Standard implementation.

We work with the BSI (the national standardization body of the UK) on the ISO 37106 Smart City Operation Standard Revision and Urban Management Information Framework(UMIF) standard proposal.

We cooperate with the GOST R (the national standardization body of Russia) on ISO/PWI 24222 Sustainable Development Standard of Small and Medium-Sized Cities and other international standards.


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