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Heart of Empyrean

UPG is inspired by the Mahayana planning theory and sustainable development. This book records feelings of the authors after traveling thousands miles, seeing different cultures around the country, and carrying out all sorts of practices. The book contains four parts including Great Country, Ten Sects - sects have a negative connotation in English, Han Majority, and Tibet. It elaborates the importance of wisdom, expresses the willingness of helping people, and describes the mysterious Tibet.

Navigating The Eco-City

“Navigating The Eco-City” is the implementation model - what does it mean in this context? of the China-Singapore Tianjin Eco-City Indicator System which discusses future trends in urban development based on the case studies of Chinese and international cities. By taking the China-Singapore Tianjin Eco-City as an example, this paper introduces new methodologies and guidelines for the ecological urban development. It also elaborates how decomposition and implementation of the indicator system can be a new starting point for the transformation of urban administration, how to play the navigating role of the indicator system - what does it mean?, how to guide goal-oriented multi-party cooperation, and how to jointly achieve the common city development goals.

The decomposition of the indicator system undertaken by UPG created a system guided by quantitative targets and   consisting of multi-polar and multi-layer, implementable, and statistically - look like missing some words to conclude the point. It includes 51 core elements, 129 key aspects, 275 control targets, 723 specific control measures and 100 statistical methods to guide the road map for eco-city construction.

Beautiful China Eco-City Indicator Guidebook

“Beautiful China: Eco-City Indicator Guidebook” explores the eco-city theory and practice based on the Bluepath’s five year experience. It discusses the beautiful China vision taking into account the domestic and international developments, and using the indicator system quantitative control as the core principle.

As the case studies, the book also looks into the China-Singapore Tianjin Eco-City and the Qingdao Sino-German Eco-Park. It focuses on the balance of urban social, economic, resource and environmental subsystems, highlights the important role of quantitative indicators in eco-city and park construction and operation, and establishes a roadmap for development quality control in relation to   different types of urban and park constructions.

Empyrean Likes the Heart – Fate and Ecology

This book is written by the chairman of the UPG, Mr. Shanfeng Dong, during the creation of Mahayana planning theory. It records his travel around different places, including Tibet, which had a strong influence on his theory.

Beautiful China: Cultural Characteristic in the New Urbanization

With further acceleration of the new urbanization strategy in China, cultural construction in the process of ecological urbanization is becoming a very important topic. Unique character of the urban sustainable development in China is based on the combination of traditional culture, geographical location, industrial development and social value. Only by combining the city‘s character with sustainable development techniques can the city have ‘a unique soul.’

“Beautiful China: Cultural Characteristics in The New Urbanization” uses as a case study nine different types of new towns exploring the inheritance and remodeling of urban character, and creation of ecological towns with charm and unique characteristics.


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